L I C E N S I N G 

MP3 Lease

1,000 distribution Limit

Receive Untagged MP3 instantly

Non Exclusive License

No Youtube monetization

MKSB Owns rights to instrumental

Must Credit "Prod.By MKSB"



This license grants the buyer full permission to sell their finished recording. However, by licensing the beat to the seller, in no way relinquishes his publishing rights to the sound recording and musical work. In the event of profit gained through synchronization, 2 of 2 performance, public, radio, digital, or otherwise, the seller is due 50% of ALL royalties.

WAV. Lease

3,000 Distribution Limit

Receive Untagged WAV instantly

Non Exclusive License

No Youtube Monetization

MKSB Owns rights to instrumental

Must Credit "Prod. by MKSB"

Track Out Lease

5,000 Distribution Limit

Receive tracked out files instantly

Track out definition: individual WAV. files of entire beat (kick, snare, synth, bass, etc.)

Youtube Monetization allowed

MKSB owns rights to instrumental

Must credit "Prod. by MKSB"

Exclusive Rights

Unlimited Distribution 

Exclusive ownership of instrumental

Signed contract included

Unlimited radio/commercial use

Beat will be taken down from my website and youtube

Unlimited lease

Unlimited Distribution 

Received Trackouts instantly

Unlimited radio/commercial play 

Signed contract included

Must Credit "Prod. by MKSB"